It is a day of mixed emotions for us here and for the Folium Gin brand team, as we took the tough decision to close the doors for the last time at our Folium Botanical Bar and Tasting Centre in Marlow. As we look to develop and expand our brand we had to look at where we would have the greatest opportunity to reach as many customers as possible whilst delivering the same unique experiences and premium service. This means we will be moving to our new premises in 2023.

We have had a wonderful year at the Harleyford Estate with some fantastic events and appreciate all the support from everyone who has come to visit us. Please do stay in touch and join us at our new destination.

Our award winning Folium Gin is continuing to be produced at our distillery in Porto, Portugal and we are selling through our website and other outlets.

We will open our new location in 2023 so watch our news feed for the latest developments!